Domingo, 31.01.10

Initial planning

I've started thinking on how I'm going to follow the 365images plan. After my initial thoughts, at the end of my last post, I've decided to buy a P&S camera. I won't have nowhere as much control as I do with my DSLR, but the main goal at the beginning is to get into the habit of taking (at least) one photo every day. I'm sure it will be easier using a smaller camera.

I don't want to spend a lot of money so, I'm probably going for a cheap P&S camera, that allows manual controls, and has received reasonably positive reviews.

Right now the main candidate is the Canon Ixus 100 IS. I may consider others but right now this one seems to be both reasonably inexpensive, and offer reasonable quality. It also looks quite nice.

I've also started my search for professional photographers' sites, so that I can start visiting them. I've got some widely known ones, but I'm also looking to include some from my own country. If anyone reads this and wants to help my by suggesting a few names, I'll gladly include them in the list.

On second thought I might include some non-professional photographers too. After all, it's the quality of the images that should matter, and not how a person earns his living. This has already allowed me to include a few names…


I should probably start thinking on subjects to shoot. It might prove useful to have a list of subjects already prepared, so I don't have to worry about it daily. It will also help keep me on my toes :)

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Quinta-feira, 28.01.10

The challenge

I've always been interested in photography. I started taking some shots with my dad's camera and some time later bought a Pentax SLR which I used mostly to shoot slides. I now have a Canon DSLR, but I still don't even rate myself as an amateur photographer. I've read a lot of theoretical stuff about photography. Some of it stuck, but most of it got forgotten. I've always said someday I'll learn this stuff properly, just never got around to it.

Recently I found a well known photographer on twitter. He is Scott Bourne (@ScottBourne from and through his tweets I learnt of a challenge he had issued to Tasra, a friend of his.

It was a simple challenge with 3 steps in it. Those steps were to be repeated every day for a full year. Yes, it's one of those 365 projects, in which you take a shot every day. However the other 2 steps were what I found most interesting.

Step 2 is reading a page from your camera's manual. I've browsed through mine. I actually never read it from cover to cover.

Step 3 is to visit a professional photographer's site and look at their shots. 


Scott's friend, Tasra, created an area inside her site specifically for this purpose, and has been updating it regularly.


I liked this challenge, and am going to follow it too. I'll make some minor changes that should not have an impact on the learning process.

- I have created a new blog, which you are now reading, where I'll post links to my shots. I'll try to explain what I tried to achieve in each photo, and how I went about it. 

- I will read pages from my camera manual, and/or from some other photo equipment's manual. Maybe even a book about photography. Like Tasha, I will try to daily summarize what I have learnt from the page (or pages) I have read.

- I will visit sites belonging to professional photographers. Now comes the tricky part. I honestly don't know that many professional photographers, and on the other hand I'm not completely comfortable commenting on their shots. That is what I want to do. I want to document what I "learn" from their shots. I hope I don't end up saying too many stupid things.


Anyway, I'm trying to get things ready to start at the beginning of next month, but it's getting dangerously close. Another problem I have is that I work full time and I have to commute daily to and from work. It's not very easy (or safe) to carry a DSLR every day. That will be a challenge. I may take some pictures with my cellphone camera, or I might even buy a PS one. It's easier to carry, and can be used in a more inconspicuous way. I'll keep you posted.

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